To Commission your Portrait.


To commission your head, that of your children, a friend or colleague is quite simple. I need to measure and take photos. Then I can work in my studio to avoid wasted time. Then the person/you comes to the studio for serveral sittings. Do not worry you do not have to sit rigidly; you can answer your mobile and have a coffee. The head can sit under wraps for some months, so I can fit into your timetable.


As babies and toddlers tend to wriggel I take measurements while they nap, then they play in my studio, which works well. 

For people no longer with us, I need plently of photos and a relatives input is helpful.


When finished, the head needs to dry out thoroughly and can then be fired in the kiln.

The head/bust can be left in the natural clay colour or given a mixed oil patina finish.

Down payment of 500 euros, on completion and approval a further 1,000 euros for an adult. Ask children’s prices please. 


For an addional cost the bust can also be cast into bronze. or sculpted into marble which I oversee.